Harmonic filters for ski resorts

Solutions for central pumping of artificial snow and chairlifts.

Torytrans has collaborated with one of the most prestigious ski resorts in Spain to improve the quality and energy efficiency of the electricity network. Its numerous pumping stations of artificial snow and installed chairlifts which move visitors around the station, are regulated by large speed shifters for engines that generate harmonics during their operation and unwanted excess reactive power.

The filters of the Torytrans SHPFx series are specially designed to filter these harmonics, thus protecting the rest of the installation equipment, improving the power factor and decreasing the power consumption demanded from the network.

This year, we launched the harmonic filters for a pumping station of artificial snow with two 450 kW and one 500 kW engines.

Quality and energy efficiency is an increasingly necessary objective since multiple breakdowns, unwanted stops of the station and extra charges on the electricity bill can be avoided.