Reactors for wind converters

Single and three phase inductors specifically designed for wind converters:

- DFM with doubly-fed generator.

- Full Converter for low voltage LV.

- Full Converter for medium voltage MV.

Applications and reactor types:

Reactors dV/dt & LC filter at generator side (1): Protect the generator windings to limit voltage spikes caused by the switching converter. Reduce fault currents in rolling bearings of the turbine extending its useful life.

Reactors for LC & LCL filter at network side (2): Filter voltage harmonics caused by the PWM modulation of the converter, adjusting the output voltage to a sine wave to make the connection to network.



Power generators
0,65 ÷ 10 MW
Nominal voltage LV
400 ÷ 750 V
Nominal voltage MV
3 ÷ 10 kV
Nominal current 100÷ 4000 Arms
Nominal inductance (L)
1 uH ÷ 10000 mH
Nominal frequency
1 ÷ 60 Hz
Conmutation freq.
1 ÷ 10 kHz
Relative humidity up to 95%
Installation altitude
0 ÷ 4000 m
Ambient. temp. -25 ÷ 70 ºC
Insulation class
H (180ºC)
Protection degree
Cooling Natural / Forced
Impregnation VIP & oven drying
C4M treatment
Anticorrosion, long durability
Useful life 30 years
International standar
IEC/UNE-EN 60076-6
UL standard
File E354573
UL 5085-1
UL 5085-2
UL EIS File E466028




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