Single phase automatic voltage stabilizer

Torytrans single phase voltage stabilizers provide a fast speed response time against voltage fluctuations and variation of power consumed by load.

Series SNA includes line conditioner transformer with a stable output voltage and attenuation and filtering of electromagnetic disturbances.



Power rating
1÷ 60 kVA
Input voltage
Input range
± 15%
Output voltage 230 V
Output accuracy ± 1%
Response time 20 V/s
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Ambient temp.
30 ºC
Protection degree IP-23
Cooling Natural air  
Harmonic distortion
Acoustic noise 1m
< 35 dB
Marked CE
Standard IEC/UNE-EN 61558-1
IEC/UNE-EN 60076-11
IEC/UNE-EN 61439-1
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