Torytrans standards

Torytrans has implemented a system of quality management certified, in accordance with ISO 9001 and environmental ISO 14000. Design and manufacture of our products is according to the instructions and guidelines applicable to National and European levels, that allow us to use the CE mark on all our products.

  • UNE standards: established by the technical committees of Spanish standardization for the national level.
  • UNE-EN standards: are the Spanish versions of the corresponding European standard EN.
  • IEC standards: created by the International Electrotechnical Committee.
  • UNE-IEC: are the Spanish versions of the corresponding IEC standard.
  • European Directives: are normative provisions taht bind all States of the European Union.
  • Rosh Directive: restrictions about the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipments.
  • Reach Regulation: governs the production and use of chemicals and their potential impacts on human health and the ecosystem.
  • Today Torytrans is in the process of certification under UL standards and soon will offer our transformers and inductors according to this standard.