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Torytrans is an excellent manufacturer of transformers, autotransformers, reactors, filters and all types of electrical solutions for different projects and applications.
We have more than 1.000 products in our catalogue, we design and manufacture customized products according to your requirements in order to complete your project successfully.


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Do you need customized products?


Our Technical Department studies each project and provides immediate support and personalized attention.

  • Different powers, voltages, currents, isolations ...
  • Custom connections: strips, terminals, plates, terminals ...
  • Different degrees of protection: IP00, IP20, IP23, IP54 ...
  • Manufacturing according to samples or customer drawings
  • Connection groups: delta, star, zig-zag ...

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Why Torytrans?

25 years developing and manufacturing solutions for the most competitive sectors

  • We export to over 50 countries worldwide.
  • Over 500.000 pools iluminated with our lighting transformers.
  • Over 10.000 transformers and reactors at wind farms and photovoltaic plants.
  • Over 300 hospitals that use our isolating transformers.
  • Over 10.000 control transformadores in elevators and lifting devices.

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