Types of electronic filters

At Torytrans we can offer you the two main types of electronic filters: Common mode filters and special filters for variable speed motor drives.

What is each type of filter for?

Common mode filters perform current harmonic filtering and power factor correction in installations with harmonic distortion. This allows an increase in useful active power and, by combining the advantages of passive and active filter technology, guarantees savings in electricity costs. In addition to this energy-efficiency benefit, it helps protect your facilities as it prevents network overheating and, thus, the possible resulting breakdowns.

Filtered harmonics are of: 3º, 5º, 7º, 11º, 13º, 15º, with a final harmonic distortion of ≈ 4 % THD-I and a power factor ≥ 0,99.

Among our filters for variable speed motor drives, you will find sinusoidal output filters for VFD IP00, passive harmonic filters for VFD IP20 and for VFD IP00, respectively, a line filter for Regeneratives VFD and the sinusoidal output filter for VFD IP23.