R & D

Our R&D department is composed of highly qualified engineers who apply the latest processes and new technologies such as electromagnetic simulation by computer using finite elements or full 3D modeling. These programs facilitate the analysis and optimization of designs, obtaining faster results for more complex models. They help reduce material costs, the need for physical prototypes and develop new products for the market.

  • Electromagnetic simulation by finite elements: The competitive demands of the market increasingly impose the use of electromagnetic simulation packages based on finite elements. Thanks to the results obtained, dimensional aspects, materials, parts or technical specifications can be retouched to adapt the product to the customer's needs.
  • Mechanical modeling and 3D design: It is a fundamental tool for TORYTRANS engineers. In recent years, computer design and digitalization of plans and parts that make up all our products have been converted. The final result is highly accurate with a minimum margin of error.
  • Simulations and electrical designs: They allow to know in greater detail the operation and the structure of the final equipment. You can also estimate such important parameters as yields, waveforms, voltage variations, network quality, heating, etc., and obtain behavioral graphs, flow charts and different statistics for your study.