In this section you will find reactors for various types of systems, providing you with the measures to control their current changes.


Reactors designed by Torytrans

We offer you reactors for capacitors in reactive compensation batteries, such as our three-phase reactor for harmonic rejection filter, which protects capacitors in installations with presence of harmonics. Its bimetal thermal relay acts as a thermal protector.

For motor speed variators (VFD) we have three-phase line and output reactors with a degree of protection IP00, varnish finish and natural cooling. The three-phase line inductor for VFD supports a permanent overload of 1.07 x I.nom and transient overload of 1.5 x I.nom.

Specially designed for wind converters, our dV / dt and LC filter reactors on the generator side protect the generator windings by limiting voltage spikes and reactors for LCL filter on the grid side filter harmonics by varying the output voltage to one of Sine wave.

If your renewable energy installation is photovoltaic, we can provide you with single-phase and three-phase inductors for compact, modular inverters and inverters with and without galvanic isolation.

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