Quality & environment policy

TORYTRANS policy is the establishment and keeping an effective integrated Quality and Environment Management System, based on cerfitications ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, looking for the efficiency, heading by Manager Director and promoted by all components of the company towards the QUALITY on all our products and services and towards fulfilling the commitment acquired with the environment around us.

For the activities of design and manufacture of inductive products (transformers, reactors, coils, and filters), TORYTRANS's priority is  customers loyalty and satisfaction by compliance of their products to the specifications defined and all applicable legal requirements, and other internally defined requirements related to environmental aspects; as well as attracting new customers and overcoming new requirements maintaining a high level of innovation in the development and manufacture of products in a constant and continuous improvement system which gives priority to the pollution prevention.

The Manager Director, high responsible for the company, defines the Policy Goals and Objectives for the Quality and Environment of TORYTRANS, carrying out the review and monitoring of the Integrated Management System as well as the goals and objectives, with a strong support to take it to practice and promoting the prevention, control and minimization of environmental impacts generated by the TORYTRANS activities.

The Integrated Management System for Quality and Environment affects all components of the company, forming each part of it and actively involved in the achievements of our Quality and Environment Policy, which is known to all. It is essential to achieve the maximum motivation on Quality and environmental responsibility of all our staff, as well as our collaborators.

Do the things right from the first time and in a sustainable way is more profitable and satisfying that detect failures or mistakes and then correct them. Therefore the prevalence of preventive policy over the corrective policy.

A continuous training plan for all staff ensures a perfect knowledge about the tasks and work performed and more respectfully environmental activities.

The Manager gives to the Quality and Environmental Director the responsibility and authority to ensure the correct implementation and effectiveness of the integrated system as well as reporting the system operation and improvement opportunities.

This policy is communicated to all members of the company, and will be revised in the System Review to ensure updating and adapting to the changing situation of the company.