Air forced cooling

The heating and losses generated by the transformers or reactors is a determining factor in the design and manufacturing process. There are facilities or installations where environmental heat or other equipments makes necessary to add a cooling system, to ensure a correctly operation at  working conditions described. From the technical department are taken into account several factors such as size, losses, heat dissipated and the proper operating temperature. Finally we care about machining, placement and distribution of the various filters, fans, sensors and components that compose the cooling system. Its design is based on the ability to dissipate heat through vents or fans.

The forced air cooling is essential in the enclosure or cabinet where installed transformers or inductors require a high power hot air extraction to keep the optimum operating temperature. Its main advantages are:

  • Size reduction of the transformer or reactor
  • Heat reduction for the equipment
  • Low costs
  • Increase the useful life
  • Our test laboratory has all the equipment required for the thermal study of our products and prototypes.