The use of lamps and lighting equipment at voltages under 50 V requires to install Torytrans transformers for its correct power supply from the energy network. Provides also electrical isolation to ensure a safety isolation and avoids the risk of electrocution due to be located near wet areas.

The enclosure of lighting transformers "series CPE" and "series EPC" has a protection degree (IP) that prevents contact from accidental electric shock. For over 25 years they have developed and improved both its design and its performance.

Our new transformers Torytrans "series TCL"  are designed specially for LED lights, that actually are placed at the new installations, intended for the future applications.

Other Torytrans products as toroidal transformers provide high efficiency and a compact design for small spaces. For saving and optimization of power consumption in lighting systems, Torytrans has developed a consumption reducer "series REDCON"  that reduces the total cost in electricity bills.